• Spa
  • Aeration
  • Aquaculture
  • Fluidizing
  • Floatation tables
  • Combustion Air 
  • Venturi Blowers
  • Product conveying
  • *Suitable to clean air with maximum temperature 40°C ONLY.

      Air Inlet/Suction filter is recommended for dusty operating environment.


    Single Phase Side Channel Blowers

    Three Phase Side Channel Blowers


    Click desired duty on the chart to choose a blower to meet the requirement

    TSCB-351 5.5kWTSCB-252 5.5kWTSCB-170 7.5kWTSCB-152 3kWTSCB153 4kWSSCB/TSCB-142 1.5kWSSCB/TSCB-130 0.75kWSSCB/TSCB-120 0.4kWSSCB-110 0.1kW