'Bin Chief' Saw Dust Collector Kit

A compact, cost effective solutuion to the timber and woodworking industry, the Bin Chief portable saw dust filtration system is light weight and flexible. It moves with you wherever you work. The fan is a heavy duty construction, great for collecting fine particles, saw dust, plaster dust, general floor sweeping.

Combining a Bin Chief and a strategically placed hood provides excellent dust collection and filtration at an economical price.

A quality product designed and made in Australia to perfectly match the the working condition and environment of Aussie workshops.



Specifications: (no longer availalbe, new model under development)


Design Duty:         900m³/hr @ 2,240Pa

Motor Power:        1.5 kW

Power Supply:      240V AC, single phase/50Hz 

Speed:                  2900 rpm

Fabric type:          Anti-static epitropic 500g/m²

Size:                      Ø128mm × 750mm long

Air to cloth ratio:   8:1

Construction:         Scrim supported needle felt, heat

                              set and calendered finish


Suitable de-dusting Applications:

Table saws, belt sanders, routers, rip saws, band saws, moulders, planers, shapers, jointers.