kitchen fan sb1
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Combining the features of axial flow fan and centrifugal fan, this series of fans are designed to cater for most commercial kitchen settings.

Design Features:

  • Aluminium Alloy Mixed Flow Impeller
  • Galvanised Steel Casing
  • Motor is protected from air strem
  • Weatherproof

You can select a suitable fan

either by

  Entering the length and width of the canopy/hood below*

or by

  Running mouse across the chart below and click on the required fan duty

Enter the length and width of Canopy/Hood here*

Length mm      Width mm


V25 18/4(0.18kW)V30 18/6(0.18kW)V30 18/4(0.18kW)V30 37/4(0.37kW)V38 18/6(0.18kW)V38 37/6(0.18kW)V38 37/4(0.37kW)V38 55/4(0.55kW)V38 75/4(0.75kW)V46 75/4(0.75kW)V46 110/4(1.10kW)V46 150/4(1.50kW)


= Pa
  = m³/s

*Used as a guide only, please refer to your canopy/hood designer to confirm sepcific requirement